Working In PR Feels Really Good This Week

DG blogpost-5.21.15We’re lucky to have great clients, and to have clients who do not only interesting things, but who have missions that matter. This week, Carrington College, a client whom we’re working on with others in our Public Relations Global Network, is attempting to break a record in the Guinness Book of World Records ™ for the most blood pressures taken within an eight hour period. While this in itself is exciting, their efforts also hope to raise awareness about the adverse effects of high blood pressure. The college has a community outreach program called Carrington Cares, and this is one of the many projects happening under its umbrella. But what I’ve noticed, what makes me feel really good about doing PR this week, is that Carrington Cares about its students too.

At a visit to the Spokane campus a couple of months ago, students had written about WHY they are pursuing a career in healthcare and posted their reasons to a wall in the lobby. I stood with our CEO, Aaron Blank, and read them while we waited for our client to arrive. Many students talked about changing their lives and the lives of their kids – by being a positive example, having a steady income and career.

When we learned that the college guides and supports students at a level generally unheard of (until recently, with Howard Schultz working to raise up his own employees, a story recently featured in The Atlantic), I realized that it’s true: Carrington Cares. I wished my alma mater had been so diligent.

So that is why working in PR feels really good this week.

I’ll close by saying: please stop by your local Carrington College campus to get your blood pressure checked today, Thursday, May 21st.  Learn more about your own health and why having a healthy blood pressure matters.


And of course, there’s that world record to break. It’s a healthy number at 26,450, so if you are anywhere near one of their campuses, please do stop by to meet the people who may one day be working at your veterinarian or dentist’s office.

Written by: Diane Geurts