The Fearey Five: How We Hire

The Fearey Group is hiring. There are lots of good reasons to join one of the best workplaces in Washington, but how do you know if you’re the right fit? Here are five traits a future Fearey family member should possess:

  1. Think Fearlessly. Big Ideas. Bold moves. How do you approach a problem? Does winning mean win/win? Do you have the courage to collaborate? We look for results-oriented people who take things head-on, always ready to pick up the ball and run.
  2. Attention to Detail. Do you know the difference between Splenda and Equal? Portrait and landscape? Can you spot whats wrong with this sentence? Missed details are the enemy of efficiency and we hire with efficiency in mind.
  3. Agency Experience. We are a veteran organization that moves fast. Can you drop in and hit the ground running? We want you battle-tested and road-ready.
  4. Tuned in to Fearey. Are you engaged with us online? Following the Fearey social media channels is a crucial part of understanding our approach and our culture, and it shows us you are already part of the conversation.
  5. Portfolio. We want to see what you bring to the table, literally. Hard examples of your best work are always going to be the most critical measure of your skills. Have it, bring it.

We’ve been an industry leader in Seattle for 35 years, and we’re only growing. We hire the best so we can be the best. Are you ready to join the Fearey family?