A Fearless New Approach to Storytelling

What happens when a legendary local radio journalist and The Fearey Group get to talking?

A new approach to communicating with our community by integrating stories we identify as unique and relevant.

steve_scher_2Longtime Seattle radio host Steve Scher, after 28 years at KUOW (NPR radio), was interested in bringing audiences past the headlines to explore the important trends, personalities and ideas shaping our community using new media approaches. Alex Fryer, Fearey’s Vice President of Public Affairs saw an opportunity to tell our clients’ stories by working with Scher on a series of podcasts that stay true to Steve’s background. Thus, the idea for “Dynamic City” was born. Alex and Steve are working together with our audio and video production team to bring it to life.

Alex told Steve about potential guests and what made them interesting and relevant, and Steve employed his skills as a top-notch journalist and interviewer, researching and creating a series of podcasts. The outcome: authentic conversations that are rich and lively. In this new world of PR, where we incorporate the PESO model (paid, earned, shared, owned) into our work, this series is a unique effort that informs and educates while leveraging the great power of one of Seattle’s greatest radio voices.

In the upcoming episodes you’ll hear Steve and his guests discussing architectural trends, what’s new in patent laws, and how an East Coast university can help fill the void in local graduate education.

We’ll be posting segments on our social media platforms and our Local Wire news feed. And look for Steve’s “Dynamic City” podcasts on his website, www.thehouseofpodcasts.com.

Our Fearey team is thinking outside the box. We’re coming up with new approaches to telling stories. And we’re bringing the best personalities together to help us tell those stories. Stay tuned. More to come.