Sometimes Winners Lose

It was a risky play and it didn’t work. A bad call. A ball in the air at 2nd and goal? The sound of the Patriots’ fans screaming was momentarily drowned out by the sound of a million 12s facepalming at once. How could this be? We had this! 

Moments before we had seen one of the most insane receptions ever put to tape, the kind of football miracle the Seahawks history is quilted with, a sure sign that we were witnessing another epic triumph at the eleventh hour, and now this? I still can’t believe it. (I can barely listen to sports radio! And I can’t talk about it. You know the feeling.)

But wait. That was still one hell of a game. The Pats were in top form, almost surgical in their execution, and we matched them. This was not last year’s epic Super Bowl; we were going up against the best and we weren’t getting it for free.

But here’s the thing: we lost, they didn’t beat us. There was something I saw on the Patriots’ faces at the buzzer, kind of hard to place, a mix of relief and exhaustion. It wasn’t elation. It’s as if they knew they had won because we blew it, not because they had prevailed. I’m not saying the Pats didn’t win fair and square, I’m just saying we, as fans, shouldn’t see this as a complete loss.

Everyone successful knows that losing is crucial. Mistakes are made to be corrected and the lessons that stick are the ones that sting the worst.

The Seahawks delivered. They played the game their way and had the Pats running scared. What more could we ask of this amazing young team? I’m willing to bet there are no less 12s in the world after last night. The return parade might not have the energy and attendance of last year, but that’s only natural. Everybody’s tired. But I know every blue jersey and flag will be lovingly folded and put away, ready for next year, ready for anything. Just like the Seattle Seahawks.

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