Social Media and Public Relations – Building a Community

This week I had the privilege of speaking to two University of Washington public communications classes on the importance of social media in public relations. As a social media junkie, it’s easy to see how utilizing social media can help achieve or complement public relations goals. But as with any PR strategy, it is imperative to think about the goals you are trying to achieve.

With demographics constantly changing and new tools coming out all the time, a social media plan should be as strategic as your overall public relations plan. Even better, it should be an integral part of your overall communications strategy and it should be flexible, adaptive, measurable and cohesive.

Social media these days is all about building connections and sharing experiences to create a lasting impact.  Organizations and brands have a great opportunity to reach out directly to their audiences and engage them in a conversation, and even become part of their lives, through social media. The power of social media to recruit new talent to your organization should also not be overlooked. Keeping those ideas in mind will help to build a community of engaged individuals who will actively advocate and interact with your brand on a regular basis.

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