Seattle Sports Stars and Thought Leaders

In a town full of thought leaders (we are the home of Amazon, Alaska Airlines and Starbucks after all) you wouldn’t expect to see sports stars included in that mix. But here in Seattle we are lucky enough to have a group of sports stars that have established themselves as ambassadors of social responsibility, philanthropists and entrepreneurial business men and women in our community.

Russell Wilson made waves yesterday with his commitment to raise awareness for domestic violence prevention. Last year Richard Sherman discussed race on a panel at Harvard. King Felix is known for his support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and works in partnership with the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

These sports stars are also entrepreneurs, which is reflective of the start-up culture currently seen in Seattle. Just last week Josh Kerns at highlighted ways that Seahawks players from Richard Sherman to Earl Thomas are taking their business interests into their own hands.

Our athletes are more than just a number on the field, they are members of the community that take pride in Seattle. Like our local CEOs, they are leading the way to making our community a better place. They are a part of the Seattle spirit that encourages entrepreneurship. Simply put…they are just another thread in the fabric that makes Seattle a great place to be.



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