How to Make Measurement Tangible and Manageable for Employees and Clients

Before this year’s PRSA 2014 Counselors Academy Conference, we reached out to Linhart PR’s Kelly Womer to learn more about her presentation, “How to Make Measurement Tangible and Manageable for Employees and Clients.”

Measurement is one of the most challenging things to deliver in a digest able format for both employees and clients. At Linhart PR they have developed a method, Linhart PRoof™, to give their employees and clients an impactful measurement tool that shows what successes they have seen. We asked Kelly to give us a sneak peek into the framework her team uses to provide measurement for clients.

Kelly: We developed LinhartPRoof to help us better determine and measure what most matters to our clients. It gives our team a seven-step framework, guided by best practices we already use, to know when, how and what to measure to share success. The seven-steps include:

  1. Mission and objectives: It starts by understanding the ins and outs of an organization’s business and how communications can help.
  2. Strategic planning: This involves developing ideas – from “mild to wild” – to create a plan, scope of work and budget to meet the goals created during step one.
  1. Success metrics: Any agreed-upon plan and activities must be measured to understand what’s working and what’s not.
  1. Tools: There are many measurement tools and techniques available, ranging from online software to in-depth consumer research.
  1. Frequency and formatting: It’s important to develop a schedule for reporting results based on the plan, the organization’s needs and budget.
  2. Analysis and reporting: There’s great power and potential in interpreting results-related data at appropriate intervals.
  3. Satisfaction: There’s always room to learn and continuously improve

We can’t wait to see Kelly’s full presentation and learn how effective measurement has become a best practice for her team to deliver results for their clients.