Spring Cleaning – Skip the Elevator!

As spring continues to bloom, our firm is gearing up for a little cleaning – both inside and out. Fortunately, I’ve got the nutrition thing pretty nailed – sprouted grains, chia seeds and green kale smoothies, no HFCS, dyes or processed foods, etc. But when it comes to working out, that’s where I struggle. With two small kiddos, a family and a full-time job to manage, getting to the gym is much too far and between. With Bailey’s post last month providing inspiration, I thought I would take my workout one small step at a time – literally. I have started forgoing the elevator for the staircase. All in all I’m walking roughly 110 steps 1-3 times a day. Evidently, that’s about .17 calories a step, and more importantly, a great workout for my heart.

After all, a little change can go a long way.

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