Kickin’ It Cubicle Style: Musings of an Intern


My name is Bailey Evans and after two years in the health and wellness industry as a yoga teacher and trainer, I decided to move to Seattle to pursue a career in PR. Throughout my previous employment, social media involvement didn’t have a great deal of influence. That said, when I earned a position as a Production Assistant at The Fearey Group, it quickly became apparent that social media would become a big part of my life. Within the first week, I realized that creating a place for myself in the world of social would be a salient aspect to my success.

Over the next several weeks, I will use this blog as a platform to share my experiences as I continue to navigate the world of social media. It will also serve as a window into my adventures as a public relations intern. As a challenge to myself, I will be posting to Facebook three times a week, and Tweeting five times a week.  What’s more; I am giving ya’ll the links to my Facebook and Twitter so you can keep me accountable to these efforts. Check in each Friday for updates on my social media exploits here at The Fearey Group.

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