A Focus on Life!

By, Aaron Blank

Time flies when you are having fun. Each day, I coach our staff and clients on focusing their time on exercising. 15 minutes a day is all it takes to get it done. The focus: social media. Spend 15 minutes a day and you’ll be better off in the end. For years, I’ve followed that philosophy but I’ve often neglected the other exercise. The one for me and my body. 

As I gain years on my life, I’m also gaining pounds. Time to flip that around. 

A few months ago, my buddy Michael Lee, owner of Express Employment Professionals in Seattle, and I went to lunch. His meal was a plate of broccoli. Mine was a plate of cauliflower. We compared notes on our diets. Mine was Ideal Protein – artificial and not life changing. (I’ve done it before, lost the weight but put it all back.) His was the XGym. And he looked fit! First time in his life according to him.

Thanks to that lunch — I’m now at the XGym. “Real results in 21 minutes, twice a week.” Combine that with a good diet and more exercise and you’ll be in good shape, they say. 30 days into the program and I’m feeling good – I’m not seeing the results yet but that takes some time. In the coming weeks, I’ll plan to update you on my progress over at the Xgym. 

So far… I’m going. And I’m fitting in a regular routine of other exercise into my day. That there is a start. 

Over at The Fearey Group, we just initiated a fitness challenge. Goal: get more of us in better shape in 2014. 

Join me in this journey. See you on the other end.

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