Why Attend a Conference?

By Aaron Blank

Each day our email boxes are full of mails from conference planners trying to entice you to attend their conference. Is it worth it? The time and money alone are pricey hills to climb. I am writing this blog post to tell you that you should find and pick the best conference to go to — and go! Break out of your day-to-day motions and learn from others.

I’ve done both – been to PR industry conferences – and I’ve been to conferences outside my industry. Both are equally as good. This year I am attending the PRSA 2014 Counselors Academy Conference from May 4-6. The focus is on the keys to PR agency management. I’ll have the chance to expand my knowledge base, improve some skills and network with others with similar situations. In past years, I’ve attended WPPI’s Wedding and Photography Conference & Expo (2014’s conference was last week). Why? Well, I learned a ton about the multimedia facet of our industry in a completely different way. Plus, I left feeling inspired in new ways.  

While you may think you are awesome at your job (YOU ARE!), I am sure you will learn something valuable just by spending a day or two outside the office. What do you get from attending a conference? Rejuvenation, excitement! for your work, ideas, and relationships!

For my agency counterparts, who either manage an agency or a team of PR professionals, CAPRSA’s annual conference is worth the time and effort. I assure you, your work will still be at your office when you return, but you’ll come back to it with a refreshed outlook.

See you in a few weeks!