Its all about the details

Fearey Group Sign Pic

By Caleb Kruse

In Public Relations, details are everything. This is something I am beginning to realize throughout my time at The Fearey Group. Checking your work over and over for spelling and grammar mistakes needs to become second nature for a PR professional.

Quality writing in Public Relations is extremely important. It would be difficult to be taken seriously if you are incapable of writing a simple e-mail. Even when sending documents and e-mails between work colleagues, quality and professionalism is a must. This is a skill that I developed (I hope) through my years in school and various professional roles but it is something that can always be improved upon. It is easy to get in a hurry and overlook the small details in a document but spending a little extra time to make sure your work is the best it can be will separate you from just an average employee to a working professional.

Even in the simplest tasks such as stapling together packets, the small details stand out. I am learning that even if I may not think something is a big deal or might not be noticed, it still must be treated with the utmost importance.

Also, asking your team to look over your work and proofread for you is an excellent resource to ensure product quality. We can’t be so proud or insecure about our writing that we don’t seek out a second pair of eyes. After all, your writing and quality of work says a lot about the kind of person you are.

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