From the Desk of a PR Intern …Week Ten

…a blog series by Anthony Cogswell

Fearey Group Sign Pic

…a blog series by Anthony Cogswell

Today, “From the Desk of a PR Intern” is transitioning to become a new blog series. I am pleased to announce that for the next four weeks, I will be co-writing a mini blog series with Kelly Potts, the intern at HMA Public Relations in Phoenix, Arizona.

Both The Fearey Group and HMA Public Relations are member agencies within the Public Relations Global Network. PRGN is a worldwide public relations think-tank, comprised of top PR agencies from every continent. This organization creates global partnerships which allow agencies to work together produce quality work for clients all over the world, without regard to proximity. Essentially, PRGN means public relations without borders. It also provides a platform for agencies to consult one another as resources, fostering innovation & creativity.

In this case, our connection and partnership with HMA Public Relations through PRGN is what allowed a couple of interns from very different locations the opportunity to put our heads together and share our experience with what it’s like to begin a career in this industry. I am very excited to be working with Kelly and I hope you check back each Thursday for “A View from Two Interns’ Desks”


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