From the Desk of a PR Intern …Week Eight

…a blog series by Anthony Cogswell

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When I started this internship in May, it never occurred to me that I would be writing a blog tonight after managing and producing an entire live streamed broadcast.

Over the course of the last two days, I’ve spent a great deal of time at the Washington State Convention Center for the 2013 Life Science Innovation Northwest conference. I’ve loaded and unloaded production equipment, set up our fully functional live stream set, coordinated with event staff, networked, attended presentations, and managed the live stream broadcast from start to finish.

Now that I’ve finally had a chance to take a breath and collect my thoughts, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on my experience thus far with project management at this conference.

As a public relations intern, Executive Producer is clearly a title that I’ve never held. But for the last three weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to take the driver’s seat and allow a simple follow-up phone call to evolve into The Fearey Group’s role as a full-fledged sponsor and the exclusive live stream broadcast team at this conference.

With three weeks of lead time, I conducted media outreach, designed a tradeshow exhibit, developed content, secured interviewees, coordinated support with equipment, dealt with schedule shifts and cancelations, managed a production timeline, handled all of the unending details, and built a successful live stream program from the ground up.

The one irrevocable lesson that I’ve learned throughout this experience is that no matter how much effort you put into organization and planning, nothing can fully prepare you for the constant challenges and unexpected obstacles that arise in a project. When dealing with such a complex and multifaceted endeavor, I think that what’s most important is to take it all in stride, do whatever it takes to beat deadlines and produce quality work, while remaining relentlessly dedicated to the smallest details. Although it was easy to feel overwhelmed at times, thinking fearlessly and proceeding with confidence was the only way to get the job done.

The live stream program went off without a hitch today. Production was smooth and the presentation was nearly perfect. I was able to breathe easy once the final interview had concluded and we turned off the stage lights. I enjoyed the remainder of the day as I networked and staffed our exhibit. Meeting life science professionals and exploring potential new business opportunities felt like the cherry on top of this achievement.

Even with such success, I spent the entire day noting areas with room for improvement and ways that the production could be expanded in the future. I am truly proud of the quality of work that was delivered today and I believe that it exemplifies what this agency is all about. The Fearey Group brings added value to clients and partners. It’s about developing creative, compelling, and effective ways to think outside the box and produce results using more than just traditional public relations services.

So far, this internship has allowed me to push my limits and take on more than I thought possible. I can’t wait to meet new challenges that will continue to expand my abilities and provide additional experience in the industry.

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