Media Mondays: Jess Estrada

Each Monday, we’re giving readers a chance to get to know the media a little better.

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Our goal is to give readers some insight into the work and work style of area journalists, and get to know a little bit about the person behind the byline. Start your week off with an online networking opportunity through our Media Monday blog post.

This Week, Jess Estrada,

Jess Estrada is the founder of, a blog she founded in 2008. The focus is on lifestyle news and reviews, including restaurants, fashion and art exhibits. Jess has a marketing background that includes stints with Banyan Branch, Crave Seattle, the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Seattle Association. Her blog has a growing following in the Puget Sound region and beyond, and some 6,000 followers are tracking her on Twitter. Jess serves as a guest speaker regularly about social media, including the fashion panel at the Girl Power Hour Global Glamour Party.

Q:  What’s the best thing about being in the Seattle media scene?

A:  I think it’s so great how the Seattle business community has embraced bloggers as part of the local media scene alongside traditional media and journalists. I have been able to cover events for my readers from my own perspective, and I’ve met a lot of Seattle media in the process. I am grateful to have a place alongside the many publications and outlets I’ve read, watched and listened to throughout the years.

Q:  What’s your favorite kind of story?

A: I cover a lot of fashion collection previews, store and restaurant openings in town. Whenever I can share the story behind what makes that designer, entrepreneur or chef tick – where they’re from, what inspires them – I really enjoy writing it.

Q:  Finish this sentence: “A good PR person is …”

A: …attentive to detail and knows how to talk to different audiences. You can’t pitch a blogger the same way you would a newspaper reporter.

Q: Press releases: Love them or hate them?

A: Social media’s changed the way a press release is perceived in so many ways. If I were being pitched by a PR firm, I’d appreciate having the press release as a quick PDF’ed resource for all of the information I need. However, if I saw the entire text of a press release in an email with no personalization, I’d probably delete it right away.

Q: How has social media changed what you do?

A: Social media has changed every aspect of my life, including what I do. In fact, it is what I do now. I became active on Twitter; learned and understood how to use it effectively for business way back when it was still on the rise in 2009. Since then, I have used it to build relationships, find new resources, crowd-source ideas and reach out to people I’d never have a way to get in front of before. Now I use it to help small businesses, non-profits and global brands alike connect with their customers and community in a genuine way.

The PR Pro Takeaway: Keep in mind that when you’re pitching a blogger, the audience is different from a more traditional media outlet. They may have fluid deadlines, they might have different needs, and their area of interest will be immediately apparent. So study up and don’t give Jess some faceless press release without thinking first about her interest. And yes, you should probably consider following her on Twitter.


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