Waze and Means: Best iPhone Map or Navigation System

By Aaron Blank

Navigation features on iPhone are a challenge. But there’s help.

A few months ago I became an iPhone 4s user after being on a Droid system for the last several years. I was interested in making some contrasts, and I could see that both phones had drawbacks and advantages. I went iPhone.

The only difference worth calling out is the navigation system. Because the Droid is directly connected to Google’s network and operating system, their navigation system, with its voice narration and step-by-step directions, is better. Not so for iPhone. No voice directions – you have to look down at your phone while you’re driving – not ideal. And not safe. (Apple says they’re addressing this with the upcoming launch of its new operating system – supposedly coming out in the fall.)

So I went exploring… and found Waze. Waze is a community-based GPS traffic and navigation application. It’s a good replacement for the Droid’s Google maps, thanks to its crowdsourced information. Think of it as a map for social media users. It gives you the quickest route to your location while providing tips from Waze users on the road. And yes, it talks to you.

But the social aspects are the best part: You can join drivers in your area (who also have the app) who report what is happening on the road. Police ahead? Accident in shoulder? Lanes blocked? Leave a tip and tell others. It’s helpful information in real time, provided by your fellow travelers.

Committed to the iPhone? If you want a helpful social media network, and a GPS traffic and navigation system on your iPhone, download Waze.


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