By Aaron Blank

Are you advising clients about mobile media? Read on, friends.

The latest SMART report is out, and it’s worth some time, and the free registration. The Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting, or SMART, reports are designed to document trends in mobile advertising. They’re put out by Millennial Media, an independent mobile advertising platform company.

As the report indicates, mobile advertising budgets are increasing year over year.

But of the mobile campaigns underway during the first quarter of this year, just 42 percent of them allowed consumers to download a mobile application. Of those applications, only 18 percent of them watched a video as a post-click action.

That trend continues to show us that while there are still many opportunities for companies to develop new applications, the field is continuing to get muddled up. There’s a real opportunity in video creation on mobile applications. Of those mobile campaigns, only 21 percent of them use social media in mobile, another opportunity for companies.

Video remains a great tool for messaging, but it’s clear that the venue that is growing – mobile campaigns – are only just beginning to take advantage of the possibilities.

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