Colin Powell at Seattle City Club: A Twipendium

By Aaron Blank

7 Quotes from a Night Out with General Colin Powell

General Colin Powell spoke in front of Seattle’s City Club last night. Instead of writing a summary of the night, I decided to go ahead and give a recap of my tweets since I felt like those were the most compelling points made during the evening.

Here they are:

  • “Identify with people, anyone, & you will get the respect you just gave. We will take care of each other.”
  • “Reagan would never get involved with the details of the organization. He was always above our level of thinking.”
  • “President Reagan was distinct and unusual: ‘Squirrels are getting the nuts I just put out there in the Rose Garden.'”
  • “The leader has to have a certain mystery. Look beyond. Find the next challenge. Don’t be buddies with your team.”
  • “Trust is the essence of any good leadership.”
  • “What is your purpose for society? Companies and people need to think about their purpose.”
  • “You get mad and then you get over it. Get back to work.”

During the discussion, Powell revealed the unique lessons that have shaped his life and legendary career in public service. He is currently on a book tour promoting, It Worked For Me. It includes his “Thirteen Rules” which are notes he gathered over the years and that now form the basis of his leadership presentations given throughout the world.

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