Cobbler, Shoe Thy Children

By Heidi Happonen

There’s an expression I use around here with relative frequency when I talk about our efforts around creating powerful PR strategies for ourselves.

“The cobbler’s kids have no shoes.”

Several months ago it was brought to my attention that most people had no idea what I was talking about or why a pastry’s offspring would need shoes, until I clarified the intent  of the expression.

And I won’t stop saying it until it’s no longer true.

Today, I was reminded yet again of how woefully we neglect ourselves when I read this article in Inc about the importance of corporate blogs.

The subhead nails it: “Your corporate blog can help you improve your brand profile, but it also provides a substantial SEO impact and marketing value when properly utilized.”

I’ve said something to that effect many times to clients.

Yet I haven’t posted to my own company’s blog for several weeks.

Time for me to take a bit of my own medicine. Or at the very least, go shoe shopping.

One thought on “Cobbler, Shoe Thy Children

  1. This reminds me of when Heidi always exclaimed, “Drinking the Kool Aid” and I was always so curious what kind of Kool Aid peoples were drinking.

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