Together in Seattle

Seattle has a lot to teach the world, and we are reminded of that tonight.

In recognition of Black History Month, a large group of Seattle’s business and multicultural leaders came together tonight to bridge the gap between the many diverse communities in our city. The venue for this critical conversation is a private screening of ‘The Barber of Birmingham,’ the 2012 Academy Award nominated documentary short about an influential African American barber during the civil rights movement. The goal for the movie is to eventually make it available to the public.

Many of the Puget Sound’s multicultural and business leaders were set to attend, including Rafael Stone, Attorney, Foster Pepper; Nate Miles, Director of St. Government Affairs for Lilly USA; Regina Glenn, Vice President of Multicultural and Small Business Development for the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce; and Ollie Garrett, President & CEO for Tabor 100. Regional law firm Foster Pepper PLLC and the Seattle International Film Festival hosted.

The Fearey Group has a news team at the event to gather some of the scene at the theater, and we’ll have more on that as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, here is a video we created with Foster Pepper and the Seattle Chamber to help jumpstart a conversation about the power of diversity in the Puget Sound.

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