Pinterest, the light and the dark

By Shea Andersen

The rise of Pinterest as a social media site has everyone asking the same questions. Aaron Blank recently wondered if he wasn’t the wrong audience because he was a guy. After logging in and creating my own account I found more than a few misguided pinboard recommendations for interior design, fashion and cupcake recipes.

Now, Galen Moore of the Boston Business Journal has a really compelling reason for some users to be wary of the site: They could get sued.

Have a look at his post about using commercial real estate renderings on the site and you’ll see why we’re treading carefully.

It’s not all doom and gloom. A blogger from the same region, at the Harvard Business Review, has a mostly bemused post about the merits of “dorking around” on Pinterest to get more familiar with its attributes.

Either way, I’m enjoying — so far — the possibilities.

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