The Fearey Wire Manifesto


Whereas The Fearey Group starts and ends each day obsessed with communications strategies and smart, ethical, creative public relations strategies,

Whereas The Fearey Group is peopled by political junkies, PR pros, social media experts and digital media enthusiasts,

Whereas The Fearey Group’s long history in Seattle means we have lots of friends, colleagues and peers throughout this one-of-a-kind city,

Whereas The Fearey Group operates as a team, with perspectives that meet one another at the coffee pot, the water cooler and the conference table,

Whereas The Fearey Group is exceedingly proud of its clients, its past work and the ideas under development right now,

And whereas The Fearey Group isn’t shy about sharing all of the above with the world,

It shall hereby be resolved that on this day in November 2011, The Fearey Wire is born. We shall, from time to time, share our experiences and our ideas – plus a few videos we believe you daren’t miss – on this blog.

All citizens, netizens, Tweeple and FB fans are hereby encouraged to return, often.

Stay tuned as we launch our blog!

-The staff at The Fearey Group

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